Novelty Books and Board Games

Starlite manufactures children’s books, novelty books and board games with the understanding that these products will broaden adult and child minds alike. With durability and presentation in mind, we specialize in expressing creativity on paper, resulting in pop up elements, unique shapes, fold-outs, and many unique features found in these products. We have printed a wide variety of different book sizes and specifications, such as oversized pop-up books, board games, puzzles, and book kits. At Starlite we believe that the sky’s the limit when it comes to your imagination and creativity.

As many children’s books and board games fascinate all of the human senses, we maintain a vast procurement network which allows us to obtain special materials required to add that special touch to your project. As children’s books and board games are often subject to strict safety standards, at Starlite we employ printing that meets these standards, such as using soy-based ink and complying with all safety/materials standards required.

If you’re ready to print your novelty book or children’s book, turn to the experts at Starlite, as we’ll bring your publication to life.