Information Technology

Starlite offers a full range of solutions for technology-based product packaging services. At Starlite we understand that information security and protection is the key in technology product packaging, therefore we are fully equipped to assist our clients who require heightened security in order to protect their intellectual property. We maintain intellectual property lock-down areas, which are protected by security guards on a 24-7 basis. These lock-down areas are only accessible by a small number of authorised and dedicated team members, who have signed a non-disclosure agreement. The only access to these areas is through the entrances that are equipped with biometric authentication access and these lock-down areas are monitored by closed-circuit televisions. At Starlite, the security of your intellectual property is our top priority.

We go the extra mile to ensure that the IT customer is satisfied. From tooling new machines in accommodating new packaging features to automation for speedier and consistent assembly results. Starlite utilises latest technological printing solutions to the technology product packaging, in order to achieve cost effective, market effective, eye catching appearance to the targeted client.