At Starlite we use web technology to streamline processes, improve productivity and increase efficiency. This enables Starlite to communicate with our partners, vendors and customers as well as connect backend systems and conduct commercial transactions securely.

With a rapidly changing consumer’s landscape, consumers are deciding and making purchases on the go as data-enabled mobile devices are always on. The growth of e-commerce in Asia is phenomenal and a solid e-commerce strategy is critical as consumers are always evaluating, comparing, and sharing purchases online.

At Starlite, our e-commerce team designs a specific e-commerce strategy on a case-by-case basis tailoring to a business’s specific needs. We define online channels to sell, plan out what skills and internal structure is required, design online user experience as well as a marketing plan to work out the best arrangement with logistic partners, payment solutions, ecommerce security, social channels, Search Engines, Ad Channels, Mobile Solutions, Email Solutions, Analytics and Blog Networks, etc.

www.teamgreenworld.net is our very own Ecommerce site. We want consumers to have a secure, friendly and simple interactive shopping experience. At Teamgreen/Greentanet we are becoming the global leader in producing innovative eco-friendly everyday living products that lessen the carbon footprint in our environment.