Starlite is a world leader in packaging production, as we can accommodate a broad array of different consumer and luxury packaging production projects. With integrated packaging production, we offer product development, prepress, press, die cutting and gluing, along with secondary processes all combined in an end-to-end workflow. Production is speedy, cost-efficient and dependable. This is the crucial difference.

We have decades of experience and expertise in a large variety of packaging, including packages for household appliances, toys and games, greeting cards, consumer electronics, food and beverages, luxury, pharmaceuticals, and personal care products.

Starlite also provides protective packaging solutions, such as molded pulp inserts, which are a sustainable and eco-friendly packaging option produced by our subsidiary, Greenworks International Limited.

For all of your food and beverage packaging needs, Starlite features a cleanroom as well as food-grade quality materials sourcing and printing that meet or exceed industry requirements for food packaging such as chocolates, beverages, or snacks.

Whatever your packaging needs, Starlite is passionate about using printing and packaging to elevate your brand and marketing.