Corporate Information

  • Authorized Representatives
  • Mr. Lam Kwong Yu
  • Mr. Poon Kwok Ching
  • Company Secretary
  • Mr. Poon Kwok Ching
  • Auditors
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
    Certified Public Accountants
    22nd Floor,
    Prince's Building,
    Central, Hong Kong
  • Registered Office
  • Victoria Place, 5th Floor,
    31 Victoria Street,
    Hamilton HM 10,
  • Head Office and Principal Place of Business
  • 3/F., Perfect Industrial Building,
    31 Tai Yau Street, Sanpokong,
    Kowloon, Hong Kong
  • Share Registrar and Transfer Offices
  • Principal Share Registrar and Transfer Office
    • MUFG Fund Services (Bermuda) Limited
      The Belvedere Building
      69 Pitts Bay Road
      Pembroke HM 08
  • Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar and Transfer Office
    • Tricor Secretaries Limited
      Level 54, Hopewell Centre
      183 Queen's Road East
      Hong Kong
  • Stock Code
  • 403