Starlite cares about the environment. As a core value, we understand that our commitment to sustainability improves long-term viability and quality of life for people and the longevity of natural ecosystems. This in turn allows us to live healthy and productive lives. Living green plants thrive throughout our office space to recycle the air and remind us to care for the living green environment. Starlite also has fruit orchards and vegetable gardens on company grounds, providing a serene environment for employees to enjoy.

Starlite has taken great measures in printing to reduce our carbon footprint, including awareness of packaging design, choice in eco-friendly materials, and eco-friendly print processing. We also strive to use recycled materials whenever possible – over 60% of materials currently being used are FSC certified. We are always striving to increase this percentage, with close to a 100% target by 2017.

Branches laden with fruits

Juicy Pears which are 100% organic

Peanut Harvesting


From bud to bloom

All things bright and beautiful