• Grand Opening Ceremony of Suzhou Team Green Furniture Home Products Limited

    The Grand Opening Ceremony of Suzhou Team Green Furniture Home Products Limited on March 29, 2019 was an incredible success! We would like to extend a very heartfelt thank you to all our honourable guests.

  • Embracing the future with new thoughts

    Starlite Group operating analysis conference for the first quarter, from April to June, of the year 2017-2018 was held in Guangzhou on 21st and 22nd July 2017. The top managements from Hong Kong headquarter and each subsidiary were gathered in Starlite Guangzhou. The 2 days conference has been scheduled to have various departments to report their business operation. Leading by Mr. Lam, the management team also had a Guangzhou factory inspection tour. The top management were grouped into four teams as “Cheng”, “Ai”, “Qin”, “Min”, and discussed up-coming opportunities and challenges during the visit.

  • Starlite Suzhou GHG Emission Audit

    It is pleased to announce that Starlite Suzhou has successfully been verified by SGS on its Greenhouse Gas Emission Statement. Starlite is continuing to help protecting our beautiful planet.

  • Congratulations to Starlite Printer Far East For Winning the SME 100 Awards 2017

    On receiving the awards, our General Manager of Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd, Mr. Randy Ang said, “Winning this award will spur Starlite to continue to provide innovative packaging solutions to all our esteemed customers”. Further more, ourthe company “will set the trends for the industry especially in the aspect of automation so that we are always ahead of our competitors, hence the world.” The Starlite team is honored and greatly encouraged by this award. SME 100 is an annual recognition award program organized by SME Magazine – South East Asia’s bestselling business magazine.

  • Establishment of Qianhai Larsemann Intelligence System (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd.

    Qianhai Larsemann Intelligence System (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. dedicates to smart systems development and equipment innovation in order to help increase production efficiency and enhance workplace safety. Starlite is determined in building a “smart factory” which towards Industry 4.0 and help creating the era of smart products and services.

  • Team Green Brand New Nuturing Center!

    Team Green is excited to launch our new design center in Sino-Finnish Design Park. Through this international communication platform, we are looking forward to design more exciting green products that will bring more inspiration and fun!

  • Starlite New Member

    Heidelberg CX102-8+L, 8-colour UV printing press with in-line UV varnishing. Beside the high speed performance with 16,500 sheets per hour, the new machine is equipped with CoatingStar which accommodate your need for various coating.

  • The introduction of ProJet 3500 HDMax is a giant leap forward for Starlite.

    With the resolution up to 750x750x1600dpi and thickness of each printed layer down to 0.016mm, the new 3D printer redefines modeling and provides the most precise prototype ever. The multi-jet modeling technology further speeds up the process which greatly shortens the time for product development stage. We can now quickly check the design and improve without spending so much time waiting. We are ready to show you the capability of the new machine.

  • Starlite has successfully developed our first automatic rigid box machine.

    Starlite Printers (M) Sdn. Bhd. officially commenced production in 2012.

    Shaoguan Fortune Creative Industries Co., Ltd. is awarded "The 2011-2012 National Key Enterprises of Cultural Exports".

  • Signed a unique joint agreement with SGS organization

    In May 2011, Starlite Shenzhen signed a unique joint agreement with SGS organization for independent lab testing services.

  • The Premier Print Awards - Benny Award

    Starlite was certified as a Fogra PSO Partner.
    The Excellence Printing Management Award (Large Printing Enterprises Gold Award)
    In July, 2010 Starlite has successfully passed GMI and is an approved vendor for Target Corporation.

  • World Star Award from The World Packaging Organisation

    Starlite has once again demonstrated excellent quality and structural design for JW Black Label Centurion ll Box and has won another World Star Award from The World Packaging Organisation.
    On June 21, 2009 Starlite and the committee has successfully set atandards that has been approved by SAC/TC 130 to be widely accepted in China for Die-cutting, Stamping & Embossing and Gluing.

  • Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Award

    Starlite is awarded the Gold Award for Corporate Social Responsibility Award at The 20th HongKong Print Awards 2008.
    In recognition of our product excellencies, Starlite is awarded WorldStar Packaging Awards 2008 for three products: JW Black Label Centurion Box, Erdinger Box and HP Photo Pack box.
    Starlite's SIDEW Label has won the Grand Award at the 2008 Taiyo Cup Printing Awards in acknowledgement for its high quality in specially printing

  • Certified as a Gracol 7 Master Printer.

    Starlite was appointed by the Standardization Administration of China as the 1st Standardization Base in China. By the same year, Starlite was certified as a Gracol 7 Master Printer.

  • Named as “Asian Best Under a Billion” Company by Forbes Magazine

    Starlite Holdings Ltd was named by Forbes Magazine as one of the “Asian Best Under a Billion” Company.

  • Shaoguan Fortune Creative Industries Co., Ltd established

    Starlite established the Shaoguan Fortune Creative Industries Co., Ltd in Shaoguan, Guangdong Province to manufacture paper products for the export market.

  • The Starlite Institute of Management established

    The Starlite Institute of Management was established in Shenzhen, marking the first steps of the Group to offer numerous training courses for internal staff, customers and suppliers.

  • Starlite established in Suzhou

    Starlite Printers (Suzhou) Co., Ltd was established to provide print services in the eastern China region.

  • Early entry into digital pre-press technology

    Starlite Printers (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd became one of the pioneers to install the Computer-to-Plate systems in its premises, signifying an early entry into digital pre-press technology.

  • Awarded the Asian Management Award

    In recognition of its Operational Excellence, Starlite Holdings Ltd was awarded the Asian Management Award.

  • Collaboration with Time Warner Brothers

    Guangzhou Starlite Environmentally Friendly Centre Ltd was established in Guangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone.
    In July, the Group secured licensing rights from Time Warner Brothers Inc. to distribute Looney Tunes products in Asia Pacific Region.

  • Collaboration with Hallmark

    Starlite Printers (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established and the Group entered into a licensing agreement with Hallmark for the distribution of Hallmark products in China.

  • Listed on the The Hong Kong Stock Exchange

    On 3rd March 1993, Starlite Holdings Ltd was listed on the The Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 403), which marked an important milestone of Starlite’s corporate development.

  • First manufacturing facility in Shenzhen

    The Group established its first manufacturing facility in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, an endeavor that subsequently resulted in an array of production plants with huge investments developed in the southern China region.

  • Starlite established in Singapore

    Starlite Printers (Far East) Pte Ltd was established in Singapore, which marked the first step of the Group’s internationalization.

  • Abreast with new technology

    Adopted offset printing technology and purchased advanced printing machines from Germany and Japan, Starlite has been keeping abreast with new technology since then.

  • Starlite Established

    Starlite Printers Ltd was established in Hong Kong, initially engaged in letterpress.